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          All of our courses are college preparatory and our graduation requirements meet or exceed those needed to get into the very best colleges and universities in the country. Our students must complete a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that includes both required and elective courses in humanities, 干 (science, technology, engineering, and math), world languages, and the arts. Other elements of our program, including 探索 Courses, 休会, physical education, Health & Wellness, and 连接, allow students to broaden and deepen their educational experiences.


          • 英语:4个学分
          • 历史:3个学分,包括世界历史和美国历史
          • 数学:3个学分包括几何结构和代数二
          • 科学:3个学分,包括2个学分实验室
          • 世界语言:3级完成 
          • 艺术:2个学分,其中至少有一个必须是一个基础的艺术课程
          • 探索课程:2每季度
          • 体育/运动:每季度1个PE的探索,或参与一项团队运动
          • Health & Wellness and 连接: Participation each year
          • 闭会期间:参加每年


          To see the breadth and depth of our course offerings, and to read specific descriptions of each course, please select the department below. You will be taken to a detail page that shows the current courses offered in that discipline.



          体育外围下注是唯一的民营的,独立的大学预备高索诺玛县的学校。 在我们美丽的校园坐落在东南体育外围下注山泰勒的基础上,我们的学生能够探索 their interests and passions in a rigorous and inspiring environment that develops a lifelong love of learning and prepares them for college and beyond.

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